A lifestyle change is not simply a quick or small shift in certain everyday habits or decisions as in fact scientific studies have proven that it takes generally a 90-day period to rewrite the cell memory for habits (eating, exercise, mindset, stress response). Believe it or not, it's the simple things that we need to remember to create an overall breakthrough in our health and life.  

Change happens for individuals at different rates with different obstacles to overcome. It's my job to help you through your progression by providing you with the right information and advice tailored to your specific needs and goals.  

I personally work one-one-one with clients - I believe this is a belly to belly business . Today's use of internet communications enables me to reach out and partner with many clients and I'm so thrilled to have helped change the lives of people from all over.


"Total Transformation" ($1,550 + HST)  
This is for those who are looking for an in-depth, inside-out transformation. Most slip-ups happen when no one is watching and I will personally coach during the 90 days.

Includes all the features of "Jump In" and me as your personal coach for 90-days dedicated to helping you along your journey to transformation. ( 12 sessions) 

  • Customized fitness program
  • Tailored meal plans 
  • Weekly check-ins (in-person)/(or skype) on progress, support, advice, questions, and encouragement!
  • Grocery store shopping (2 visits/1 per month)
  • Meal prep day ( optional )
  • Supplements and vitamins* (not include as depends on individual needs)

"Jump In"  ($550 + HST) 30 Days
All the features of the "Personal Overview Analysis" plus...( 5 sessions)

  • Tailored meal plans
  • Fitness/Lifestyle recommendations
  • Weekly individual sessions in person , on progress, support, advice, questions, and tweaking protocols       (3 session -45-60 minutes)
  • Grocery store shopping with me (1 visit)

Grocery Shop

90$+HST- 60 minutes at various locations

-This is a one session evening or afternoon for you to get a complete guide to grocery shopping for better health. Learning about where to shop healthy , organic and on a budget is something many clients look for when transforming their lifestyle.  Learning those simple swap outs to keep you creating your favourite foods, with out sacrificing the flavour. 


"Personal Overview Analysis" ($180 + HST / 1.5hrs) Single consultation   

Followup sessions- 90$ +HST/45 mins- Book as needed
  • Personalized and customized review of medical and emotional history
  • Nutrient deficiency analysis
  • Review and prioritize goals for weight loss, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, hormonal balancing, digestive upset
  • Clients receive a customized 7-day meal plan to support personal goals