Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Lavender


Anxious? Sleepless? Bug bites? Wondering what all these things have in common? They all can be supported by lavender! Plants are amazing and do so much more than just smell nice. Lavender has over 200 different chemical constituents, meaning it can help with so many things!

This past weekend I went to visit a Lavender Farm, and yes it was as cute and relaxing as it sounds! Lavender is a daily staple in my house for so many reasons. I wanted to discuss my top 5 uses for this amazing oil:

1. Anxiety: most of us think about lavender being relaxing, so of course it is great for calming the mind and body when anxious feelings and thoughts surface. Personally this is my go to (along with another blend of doTERRA oils called Balance) that I carry with me in my bag for when I feel overwhelmed. I simply roll it on my neck and wrists to let the zen take over.

2. Sleep: of course with relaxation comes better sleep! When hormones are imbalanced (like when adrenals are taxed) sleep can suffer, even though our bodies are exhausted, our minds are still wired. Lavender is an oil that can help promote a more restful nights sleep by calming the mind and body. I diffuse it every night beside my bed and have noticed a huge improvement in my sleep.

3. Bug bites: summer, oh how I love summer. However, the mosquito bites that come with summer nights outside can be so irritating! A drop of lavender in some coconut oil on the bug bite instantly soothes the irritated area.

4. Acne scars: as someone who has struggled with acne due to a burdened liver, hormonal imbalances, etc. I have a lot of red scars on my cheeks from cystic acne. This DIY beauty hack actually came to me by accident one night when I used the lavender instead of frankinsence and then woke up with visibly less scarring! Now it's my nightly routine to fade redness, and even the tone of my skin.

5. Sunburn: again, with summer comes some unwanted things like sunburns. Lavender is so soothing to the skin, a couple of drops applied with peppermint essential oil and coconut oil make an amazing after sun lotion to cool and sooth burnt skin. I have unfortunately mastered this one this summer, it's a life saver!

*the 6th bonus use, because there are just too many, is as an air freshener. I use this super simple DIY in the bathroom to avoid hormone disrupting air fresheners and keep it smelling great!

Overall the uses are endless and these are just a few of my favourites. It's important to use high quality essential oils because unfortunately they aren't regulated so even those labelled "100% pure" may not be, and many contain synthetics, or are diluted with olive oil to make them cheaper. I did a lot of research and now choose doTERRA because of their sourcing, potency, and third party, small batch testing that ensures the highest standards. 

Let me know if you fall in love with lavender too!