SO its 3 pm , and you've promised YOURSELF you will stay on track with your new " diet" . No sugar of course, and out of nowhere comes this strong urge , an absolute NEED, WANT, DEMAND for something sweet!!!! You ll do anything to get it, and WORSE someone in the office decides to be the employee of the month and bring in a 12 pack of KRISPY creams.......URGH.... I speak from PURE experience, and knowing how little willpower i seem to have at that exact moment- Ive put together some tips, that i have actively  incorporated into my daily regime that have helped me tremendously with this..... urge......... In another article , we'll discuss WHY you have this urge in the first place- Maintaining Blood Sugar, and Stabilizing cortisol levels is the BIGGEST part in this scenario, but in the mean time, here are some tips.

#1- GO FOR FAT - YES most often its not sugar our body is craving, but minerals, nutrients, electrolytes...... so go for 1/2 AVOCADO, 2 tsbp organic nut butter ( add in a green apple with cinnamon for some extra flavor) , 1 tsp Coconut oil, 

#2 GO FOR KOMBUCHA- KOMBUCHA is a fermented tea, loaded with beneficial bacteria in it, for healthy GUT FLORA- the bacteria feeds on sugar that helps with fermenting process, but this sugar doesn't necessarily react in your system, its needed for the growth of the SCOBY ( bacteria, weird i know, but trust me its really healthy )

#3 GO FOR BONE BROTH - WHAT , this one is weird too, but so so so beneficial, and will HALT those cravings immediately. Bone broth you can buy at GOODNESS ME across the GTA, or your local natural food store that does prepped food, or you can make your own - Its really high in all vitamins and collagen, for gut health and anti aging .

#4 GO FOR 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate or above- this is more a FAT macro then a CARB sugar macro- just as long as you can stop at 2 squares............ 2 SQUARES !

#5 GO FOR GREEN JUICE- go for a highly alkaline drink, fresh pressed juices, just make sure the ingredients list more VEGETABLES then FRUIT, or else it defeats the purpose. If fruit , pls make sure its green apple as the base.