Learn how to BULK prep for your week - stay on your 2016 WEIGHTLOSS GOALS!

SO, we all know what we SHOULD be eating, for the most part!, Clients always ask, what do you eat,?? or how do you have it all ready for the week ahead so you don't find yourself having quick stop in drive-thrus, and on- the-go sugar filled energy bars? ! Well i bulk prep my food at the beginning of the week . YOU NEED ONE DAY ( i choose Sunday ) 2- 3 hours max to have all of your protein, carbs , veggies and fats prepped for the week . Preparation is KEY to making sure you have lasting success on your weight loss , hormonal balance journey. THE BEGINNING of this lifestyle change is when its easiest to SLIP up due to convienience, so PREP for success ! YOU DESERVE It !!!!! #wellness #brittanylynnwellness #foodprep #fitfoods #hormonalbalance #weightloss #macrobalance #goalsetting #newyou #loveyourbody


PS pls mind the shaky camera ! im a one woman show over here