ONE nutritionists secret to cutting BELLY FAT this holiday season...........

Listen up !, One of the best kept secret are not being revealed to help keep the belly fat away this holiday season !!!! The best part of this whole thing- is you can still have some treats.......ill say it again YOU CAN STILL HAVE SOME TREATS !!! YESSSS, !! part of the weight loss journey is to be PREPPED  ,and READY with the right tools, when you know that big holiday meal is approaching........ whats the magical ingredient/supplement/food source ......FIBRE ...

Add FIBRE to everything you do this holiday season- take 1 teaspoon at every meal - this will help to

1. Keep you feeling more FULL before meals to prevent overeating

2. SLOW DOWN the blood sugar / insulin response ( either using or storing fat)

3. KEEP IT ALL MOVING DOWN THERE-------feeling lighter all the time;)

I recommend a good brand of fibre- NOT Metamucil or anything from the drug store- go to your health food store- and ask for a good sourced fibre- or CHIA in water- FLAX seed in water, Pysllium Husks in water.......... FIBRE FIBRE FIBRE---- then feel free to eat a treat or two !


you will thank me come Jan 01