Cravings, WANTS, and Binging...

OK, so here's my biggest peeve about people and ABSOLUTES in this health and wellness journey that a lot of people are either beginning, or in the middle of.....It's not about never having the foods you love......... first things first, it is 100 % natural to have cravings whenever we are switching from a diet full of processed foods, sweeteners, and fake crap, SO, don't be shocked or disappointed when you accidentally end up with a venti-double chocolate mocha -add a cookie- from Starbucks when you were just running to the bank. Cravings are NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL, so DO not fear these nagging little feelings dominating your thoughts. I tell my clients HAVE YOURSELF EQUIPPED with the right stuff so when you know your cravings pop up you have something to REACH for, something to FALL BACK ON, that still keeps you on track for your goals - whether that be gut healing, weight loss, or overall well being.

Dark chocolate is one of my GO TO's when it comes to that 3 o'clock craving that clients always talk about. There are many benefits to dark chocolate - but it has to be DARK, 75% or higher. Dark chocolate is super high in anti- oxidants, is great for blood pressure, and studies show that it helps nourish the brain. Rumour has it that it can also help you in the bedroom......enough said- go stalk up on some DARK CHOCOLATE, have it in the freezer, or in the car- and let yourself have that one square or piece a day to help fight your cravings.