Protein shake...which one to choose?

I gotta say , I LOVE ME A GOOD PROTEIN SHAKE, of course I will always always suggest whole food sources when possible, but sometimes busy--ness gets the best of us, and we need to grab and GO. Now, like anything else out there on the market , we have to READ the label, READ in ingredients and see you if you can understand most of them . If you feel like the words on the ingredient list are from a different planet- ie Hydroxbenzeonealphsodiumchloride. PUT IT DOWN and move right along to something CLEANER, MORE NATURAL, SOme of the tips i give clients are as follows:

#1 Look for VEGAN source - if its HAS to be WHEY for some individuals who have physique goals in mind, then RESPONSIBLY SOURCED WHEY- GOAT or COW- NO ANTIBIOTICS/GRASS FED / HORMONE FREE. 

#2 ENZYMES- make sure your protein powder has digestive enzymes to assist in breaking down and absorption of the protein itself for your gut. This helps prevent the BLOAT and GAS that some people can get from consuming a cheap protein.

#3 SUGAR/SWEETENER- We want to stay away from alot of the SUCRALOSE/MALTOSE/DEXTROSE sweeteners out there, and stick to mainly the natural versions- STEVIA, XYLITOL, BROWN RICE SYRUP SOLIDS ( fructose free)