My story and journey into this never ending wellness world came through a series of struggles and challenges. If anyone is proof that you can move through anything and come out the other side - stronger, fitter, happier - then its me. I'm happy to say I am "high on life" and want to help you to get to that same place.

Starting from the early age of 16 years old and coming from the film and television industry, I battled terrible eating disorders. Struggling with Bulimia and  followed by a stint of anorexia, both lead me to a whole host of different health problems. 

My body was slowly breaking down, my brain function was at an all time low, energy was disappearing, and my relationship with food was nothing far from disastrous. Not to mention as a long term result my hormones were so out of whack that I developed Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome, Pre-menopause at age 23, and added an extra 10 lbs on my small frame. I was the furthest thing from my "goal body weight".  I used food as a reward or a punishment, either way , it ruled my life.

Through hospitalized programs, and several support groups, my life started to change finally for the better and embarked on my path of wellness and more happiness.

“I had to recreate my relationship with food, but more importantly with myself "

I describe it like bread crumbs on a path to my ultimate transformation. Learning one tip at a time, one author and coach at a time, perfectly unfolding and guiding me to my career as a wellness expert, and holistic coach.

I learned that food is where it starts and I had to rebuild my relationship with food, but more importantly with myself. Physical healing was only one aspect of the process. Through my research and findings, I discovered a whole other spiritual and emotional component that comes into play with disease, disorders, and depressions.  The emotional body drives our physical body . We need to work on these deeper levels for true transformation to occur.

Understanding the map to the body is like having the combination to the unlock and reverse almost every ailment be it physical and/or behavioural . Through this extremely challenging life experience, I developed a keen interest and passion for learning as much as I could about hormonal balance and weightloss...these continue to be main focus will always be and near and dear to my heart.

Developing a love for one's self and body is an absolute goal of mine for each and every one of my clients.

Holistic means to be WHOLE and all components of life can function better together when we feel good...because feeling good is everything!

- B

" Being a mom has completely changed my outlook on life, body and health" Brittany Lynn