ONE nutritionists secret to cutting BELLY FAT this holiday season...........

Listen up !, One of the best kept secret are not being revealed to help keep the belly fat away this holiday season !!!! The best part of this whole thing- is you can still have some treats.......ill say it again YOU CAN STILL HAVE SOME TREATS !!! YESSSS, !! part of the weight loss journey is to be PREPPED  ,and READY with the right tools, when you know that big holiday meal is approaching........ whats the magical ingredient/supplement/food source ......FIBRE ...

Add FIBRE to everything you do this holiday season- take 1 teaspoon at every meal - this will help to

1. Keep you feeling more FULL before meals to prevent overeating

2. SLOW DOWN the blood sugar / insulin response ( either using or storing fat)

3. KEEP IT ALL MOVING DOWN THERE-------feeling lighter all the time;)

I recommend a good brand of fibre- NOT Metamucil or anything from the drug store- go to your health food store- and ask for a good sourced fibre- or CHIA in water- FLAX seed in water, Pysllium Husks in water.......... FIBRE FIBRE FIBRE---- then feel free to eat a treat or two !


you will thank me come Jan 01



Cravings, WANTS, and Binging...

OK, so here's my biggest peeve about people and ABSOLUTES in this health and wellness journey that a lot of people are either beginning, or in the middle of.....It's not about never having the foods you love......... first things first, it is 100 % natural to have cravings whenever we are switching from a diet full of processed foods, sweeteners, and fake crap, SO, don't be shocked or disappointed when you accidentally end up with a venti-double chocolate mocha -add a cookie- from Starbucks when you were just running to the bank. Cravings are NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL, so DO not fear these nagging little feelings dominating your thoughts. I tell my clients HAVE YOURSELF EQUIPPED with the right stuff so when you know your cravings pop up you have something to REACH for, something to FALL BACK ON, that still keeps you on track for your goals - whether that be gut healing, weight loss, or overall well being.

Dark chocolate is one of my GO TO's when it comes to that 3 o'clock craving that clients always talk about. There are many benefits to dark chocolate - but it has to be DARK, 75% or higher. Dark chocolate is super high in anti- oxidants, is great for blood pressure, and studies show that it helps nourish the brain. Rumour has it that it can also help you in the bedroom......enough said- go stalk up on some DARK CHOCOLATE, have it in the freezer, or in the car- and let yourself have that one square or piece a day to help fight your cravings.




Essena O'Neill Quitting Social Media - Essena O'Neill Instagram Photos 
 Twitter 2015 

THANK YOU to the brave ESSENA ONEIL for stepping off the stage of SM - to explain to people the true and real facts that go into " social media iconism".

Although I love my #instagram, my #facebook, Twitter- in which I've just become a #TWEETER, keeping in mind the manipulation and obsession with highlighting our lives can become down right on to her link- AUTHENTICITY will truly make you KNOWN.....

Thank you Essena for being so authentic- taking a massive step into the world of vulnerability and sharing this post.


Protein shake...which one to choose?

I gotta say , I LOVE ME A GOOD PROTEIN SHAKE, of course I will always always suggest whole food sources when possible, but sometimes busy--ness gets the best of us, and we need to grab and GO. Now, like anything else out there on the market , we have to READ the label, READ in ingredients and see you if you can understand most of them . If you feel like the words on the ingredient list are from a different planet- ie Hydroxbenzeonealphsodiumchloride. PUT IT DOWN and move right along to something CLEANER, MORE NATURAL, SOme of the tips i give clients are as follows:

#1 Look for VEGAN source - if its HAS to be WHEY for some individuals who have physique goals in mind, then RESPONSIBLY SOURCED WHEY- GOAT or COW- NO ANTIBIOTICS/GRASS FED / HORMONE FREE. 

#2 ENZYMES- make sure your protein powder has digestive enzymes to assist in breaking down and absorption of the protein itself for your gut. This helps prevent the BLOAT and GAS that some people can get from consuming a cheap protein.

#3 SUGAR/SWEETENER- We want to stay away from alot of the SUCRALOSE/MALTOSE/DEXTROSE sweeteners out there, and stick to mainly the natural versions- STEVIA, XYLITOL, BROWN RICE SYRUP SOLIDS ( fructose free) 

What it's ALLLLL about....

My passion isn't showing people how to be " fitness-model ready" as it is truly not something I think is NEEDED to feel good and to love yourself inside and out. I AM however in the business of showing people how to find what works for THEM, and their individual needs. Clarity on your goals, for body, lifestyle and MINDSET are aspects of my mantra that I love the most. 

This post isn't to RAG on the people who are chicken breast and broccoli people but more to highlight the possibility of finding a system, a way of eating, being and doing that works for YOU and your life. Whether you're a CEO working 16 hour days or a stay at home mom, busy busy busy is every clients middle name.

Just to be clear- that is my authentic messaging here- I love to look good, not going to pretend I don't; I love to fit into my pants and skinny jeans; but the goal is learning to judge based on how we feel.


Vegan & Gluten-free Chocolate healthy AND delish!

So if you're anything like me, you GOTTA have your sweet things too ! I find with any type of lifestyle , balance is the key. But we hear this BALANCE word all the time-and this is different and can show up differently for everyone.  Balance for me is not 100 % restricting the pleasures in food, but finding a more creative and healthier way to enjoy. 

I always have these tasty sweet " treats" to satisfy cravings when they arise ( frequent ) . The best part about them is they are diabetic friendly, high high high in fibre and good fats. Truly guilt free- Free of gluten and refined sugars. Posted below are the ingredients, so YOU TOO can have these little gems in your back pocket for your never going away sweet craving :) Oh and because they are high in fibre- you really only need one or two , and you'll feel extremely satisfied.

Enjoy your food- recreate your relationship with how you see SWEET. it doesnt have to be a bomb to your system , caloric overload and ruin all the work progress you've made on this lifestyle change.

feel good beauties,


Chocolate Chip Yummies

1 Cup Almond Flour
1 Cup Quinoa Puffs( grind in magic bullet)
1/4 Cup Enjoy Life Vegan Chocolate Chips
1/2 tsp celtic sea salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp real vanilla extract
1/2 cup coconut oil ( organic is best) 

( ** I use coc oil and ghee combo by St Francis- this gives the cookies a very moist texture , but is non vegan) 

1/2 cup honey ( maple syrup)
1/4 cup Chia Seeds
1/4 cup Flax Seeds
2 free range eggs ( Whole)
Chopped Walnuts or pumpkin seeds sprinkle them in